Environmental & Ethical Policy Statement

dd health and safety supplies Ltd will ensure that in seeking to satisfy our customerís requirements in the products and the services we supply and in the conduct of our business, that we comply with current environmental and equal opportunities legislation, Government Policies and EEC Directives.

The Company and its employees will actively seek:
  • The provision of reliable information from our suppliers detailing the environmental effect and sustainability of the products we sell so that our customers are provided with the relevant information on which to make an informed choice on their purchases from us on environmental grounds.
  • To encourage our suppliers to provide goods and services in a manner which minimises the adverse impact on the environment and to provide us with their Sustainability Policy.
  • To take action to achieve a reduction in our emissions of CO2 and consumption of energy.
  • To take action to ensure that our waste and packaging is re-cycled and not used for land-fill and to encourage our suppliers and customers to adopt similar policies.
  • Assurance that our suppliers adopt equal opportunities and non-racist employment policies.
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace.